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Claire is as freelance session and wedding hair stylist based in Dublin.  She trained as a hair stylist with award winning stylist Pam Wrigley in London.  During her training Claire became skilled in creating the classic up-styles like the Chignon, the Audrey Hepburn, the Ballerina Bun as well as the more contemporary soft up and down styles.  Claire is passionate about creating vintage styles too, such as glamorous Hollywood Waves, 1920's Finger Waves and 1940's Victory Rolls.  She sometimes uses hair extensions for both length and/or volume, as they open up the possibility of many more kinds of styles. Her work in fashion and beauty keeps her on top of what's on trend and in-season in hair. In 2016 she completed the programme Hair: Mastered with world renowned session stylist Sam McKnight.


Claire is influenced by hair stylists such as Moiz Alladina, Sam McKnight and James Pecis and Kathleen Bray

Call or e-mail for a consultation, Claire is always happy to discuss hair.