Wedding Hair Tips

Your Hair Type

If you have thick hair you’ll have the most options but if you have thinner hair and are open to using extensions then you’ll have just as many! Don’t go for a style that will make you look completely different. You want to look like the best possible version of YOU on your wedding day. Naturally thick curly hair will hold a down style well for the whole day but thin straight hair probably won’t. Your hair stylist will be able to tell you what will work and what won’t.



Give your hair it’s best chance to literally shine on your wedding day. In the six months before your big day I advise my clients to use a good salon shampoo and conditioner (Kérastase is a personal favourite). Hair treatments and masks are brilliant for hydrating dry locks. Melted Coconut Oil is a great natural product, which used once a week will really improve your hair’s condition. DO NOT use treatments the week coming up to your wedding, nor any heavy conditioners. Ideally wash your hair the day before with a very small amount of conditioner, however if you are prone to greasy hair, wash that morning, again with very little conditioner (that’ll make your stylist’s job easier!). 

The Dress

Your dress will guide you in choosing the right hair style. If you always imagined a certain wedding hair style, make sure that it will still work now that you’ve found ‘the dress’. Your stylist will be able to advise you on styles that suit different necklines, vintage era's, head pieces/veils etc.  Generally they'll help you with this process. 

The Trial

Have a phone consultation with your stylist first so that you both have a plan for the trial. Fill them in on your wedding style, hair type and what your dress is like. Between you, decide on at least two styles to try out. If time permits, it’s nice to try a third. My trials last a minimum of 2 hours, perhaps a little long but an informed decision is usually reached by the end! Wear nice make-up to your trial or even better have your make-up trial beforehand. Wear white (or similar colour to your dress) with a somewhat similar neckline. Bring your veil/headpiece if you have one. Don’t forget to have photos taken! If you’re not happy with the trial then don’t book the stylist for your wedding day. A trial is exactly that.

Cutting & Colouring

Have your hair cut one month before. If you’re very prone to split ends then have a tiny trim the week before your wedding. This is more important for brides who are wearing their hair down. If you colour your hair have it touched up 1-2 weeks before the wedding and maybe a final conditioning treatment too.

For inspiration: or call me for a chat, I love to discuss hair!