Lobs & Wobs

As award season nears a close I thought I should round-up the hottest trends on the red carpet. These are my favourites as well as what hair type they suit best.  It'd be great to hear your favourites and any questions you have about them.  I'd love to help you to re-create them with some DIY advice.  Of course if they're too complicated you can always call me to help in person! 

The Lob - It seems half of the women in Hollywood are sporting one these days.   To name a few; Olivia Palermo, Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone and Jessica Alba have all had their hair chopped at the shoulder.  This style suits women whose hair is fine to medium thickness and preferably straight.  I would love to try the lob but it didn't work out well for me back in the 90's!! (see below!)  I have very thick curly hair, so  the lob is definitely a no no, unless I styled it painstakingly every day....not gonna happen!


image1 (7).jpeg

For those with the right hair type (opposite of mine, clearly) the Lob is a fabulous style for a few reasons: 

  • It's not a huge commitment - you can grow hair long again quite quickly.  
  • It's still long enough to wear an up-do (well, some up-do's)
  • It oozes casual glamour - perfect for both day and evening wear
  • It can easily become a Wob! (Wavy Lob)  Adding waves of any size/shape will dramatically change the look.                     

The Centre Part

It's making a comeback....but not like this thankfully!  The centre part is a great way to elongate a round or square face and can also enhance your cheekbones.  It can be worn in a cool 70's way with volume on the crown behind the part or smooth and sleek. - either straight down or with a bun/up-style. At the Oscars Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon both rocked the centre part.  The centre part works best for everyday wear on women with fine and straight hair but for evening wear, curly heads can use it to enhance their waves and curls, like Solange Knowles at the                                                          Oscars.


I love braids - always have and always will....for better or worse.  My mother started french plaiting my hair when I was 5, she learned from the other Mum's at my tap dancing classes (yes, I was a jazz hands kinda kid).  When I was 12 I got sent home from school for going in with dread-style braids all over my head!  It wasn't till I started braiding my own hair that I realised what a handy a skill it was to have.....my friends realised pretty quickly and took full advantage...

It's great that braids made a comeback a few years back but I really thought the trend would start dying down soon. Quite the opposite...there's been a surge of them lately, both on the red carpet and the runways. The braided crown is particularly popular right now. It is such a great look and can be worn in so many ways - bohemian (great for brides), glamorous (Lupita Nyong'o at the SAG awards) or just plain dutch and gorgeous (Scarlett Johansson at The Avengers premiere).  I won't lie a braided crown is very hard to do on oneself but if you can convince a pal to learn, you'd be in luck! There are lots of good tutorials on Pinterest and youtube, including some easy versions you can do for yourself.  

Braids generally work best on thicker hair - if you braid very fine hair unfortunately you'll almost always see too much scalp...which isn't a great look.  Braids always, always, look better in blonde hair because you can see the detail better.  They're still gorgeous on brunettes and brondes but just not as dramatic. Less is more when it comes to braiding - going over the top can lead to some pretty awful looks...here's a few examples of what not to do! Who knew a self chocking braid had ever been done?! 

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